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1-Bit Textile by Irene

Credits: Ebru Kurbak, Irene Posch

Year of Invention: 2015

Description: This swatch shows an embroidered textile bit. The bit can be controlled electromagnetically. In applying power, e.g. switching the electromagnetic field created in the coil, the magnetic bead can be flipped. The creation of the 1-Bit Textile is part of a bigger research into creating electronic components from scratch though textile routines. The research forms the basis for future investigations into crafting textile actuators, to create display elements, storage elements, relays and other moving elements.

Materials: fabric, yarn, magnetic bead, paint,  copper wire

Techniques: embroidery

Dimensions: 10 x 10cm

Link: www.stitchingworlds.net

square_black_01 square_white_01
Circuit Diagram:

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