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What will go well with the theme of “Wicked Fabrics”?
“a compliment or an insult”?
>> http://etextile-summercamp.org/2017/summercamp/theme-wicked-fabrics/

Maybe we can get gold binder rings too?
>> https://www.modulor.de/en/ring-mechanism-nickel-plated.html

Aubergine and Gold!

> http://www.frautulpe.de/elaste-198-goldschwarz.html
>> http://www.filz-shop.de/filz-meterware/ab-120-cm-laenge/melierte—farbtoene/index.php

But I can’t find gold ringbinders!
Silver + Aubergine instead???

>> https://de.dawanda.com/product/113660287-gummiband-gold-glitzerband-25mm-breit

>> https://de.dawanda.com/product/114958951-elastisches-einfassband-metallic-chevron-gold

3 Comments so far

  1. rachel on June 5th, 2017

    aubergine and gold!

  2. Becca on June 6th, 2017

    GOOOOOOOLD yes! (and abergine…or egglplant!)

  3. Hannah on June 6th, 2017

    does anybody know where to get 2-3cm wide gold elastic band from???

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