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Swatchbook no rings

photos >> https://www.flickr.com/photos/plusea/albums/72157708783100407

Beam inspired me to add a 1x1cm grid of holes to the longer edge of my swatchbook so that I could embroider the date of each year to help me keep track of time. Here is the template for punching holes into your swatchbook: >> download PDF Beam’s embroidered years:

– 71,40 Euro for ring binders from Modulor >> http://modulor.de/ – 109,28 Euro for printing at CentralStation in Berlin >> https://www.centralstation-berlin.de/ – 201,90 Euro for 2m of 3mm thick felt shipped to Paillard >> http://www.filz-shop.de/filz-meterware/ab-120-cm-laenge/melierte—farbtoene/meterware-filz—ab-120-cm—aubergine.php – 41,35 Euro for 15m of 20mm wide gold ellastic shipped to Paillard >> https://de.dawanda.com/product/113660287-gummiband-gold-glitzerband-25mm-breit TOTAL = 424 Euro 424 / 24 = 18 Euro each

What will go well with the theme of “Wicked Fabrics”? “a compliment or an insult”?

2-day workshop at Kunsthochschule Weissensee’s E-Lab in Berlin, Germany. This 2-day introductory workshop introduces textile students to the materials, tools and techniques used animate electronic textiles using electromagnetism. The goal of this workshop if for each student to compile their own swatchbook that will contain samples of various techniques, as well as to compile one complete swatchbook of all examples that will stay with the university. An introductory exercise to familiarize oneself with the materials, techniques and electromagnetism, each student will copy a set of three examples. Then each student will proceed to design their own swatch and make copies…

Held as part of the Interaction Design Masters at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland. From Swatches to Pockets is an introductory electronic textile workshop that draws upon the E-Textile Swatch Exchange as a means of acquiring knowledge and skill, as well as a source of inspiration for imagining pocket technology of the future. >> http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=5812

E-Textile Summercamp

Here the cost estimate for assembling 30 swatchbooks for the 2015 Summercamp.

Sara and Sarah were in Seattle at the 2014 International Symposium of Wearable Computers and took photos of the video screening of the 2013 Swatchbook Exchange video.

The video and two copies of the 2013 Swatchbook were exhibited as part of the 2014 E-Textile Summercamp Exhibition


Putting together the 2014 edition of the E-Textile Summercamp Swatchbook at Paillard!

Here some information about the costs and process of assembling the 20 swatchbooks before participants fill them with their swatches.

We have a new dedicated Swatch Exchange website. The design is still under construction, and open to contribution from anybody who wants to help. All data from the old sites has been transferred to this new site! The old Swatch Exchange categories on the summercamp websites still exist, and here are the links:

This post is a platform for us to collect ideas and discuss whether we want to produce extra copies of the Swatchbook and what we could do with them. Everyone is welcome to edit this post and add/organize things to further the discussion!

Ideas for a common power solution in the 2014 Swatchbook edition.

Layout, design and assembly ideas for the 2014 Swatchbook Exchange.

photo 5

The 2013 E-Textile Swatchbook Exchange is part of the EXEMPLARY: 150 Years of the MAK – From Arts and Crafts to Design exhibition that runs from the 11th June to the 5th October 2014 in Vienna, Austria!

We’ve submitted the 2013 E-Textile Swatchbook Exchange for the 2014 ISWC Design Competition!