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chainStitch Noise by Afroditi

chainStitch synth

Title: chainStitch Noise

Credits: Afroditi Psarra

Year of Invention: 2013-2016


ChainStitch Noise is an embroidered synthesizer using an ATtiny microcontroller and two capacitive sensing pads to control a white noise generator (pseudo-random number generator) and its random grain repetition.

It forms part of a series of embroidered synthesizers that I use in a sound performance entitled Lilytronica. The intrinsic aspect of this work is the contradiction created between the “soft” interfaces of the embroidered instruments and the loud and immersive soundscape that they produce.

Materials: Attica embroidery cloth, High Flex 3981 7×1 fach Kupfer Blank conductive thread, Pure copper polyester taffeta fabric (fused with adhesive), ATtiny85, 2 x 1M resistors, 3.5mm headphone stereo jack socket switch, CR2032 battery socket

Techniques: Chain stitch embroidery, soldering, programming




Dimensions (in cm): 10 x 10 approximately

Link(s): https://github.com/afrdt/chainStitchNoise

Circuit Diagram:



Here are two Lilytronica releases where you can listen to this synth (among others) in action:

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