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Colour wheel 2
Credits: Sara Robertson
Year of Invention: 2015

The swatch is a liquid crystal colour wheel, which is designed to show how the ‘colour play’ of a thermochromic liquid crystal changes on different coloured backgrounds.

1. Black with 25*C liquid crystal
2. Rust with 25*C + 35*C liquid crystal
3. Orange with red 40*C leuco thermochromic + yellow + 25*C liquid crystal
4. Rust with 25*C liquid crystal
5. Orange with 25*C liquid crystal
6. Red 40*C leuco thermochromic with 25*C liquid crystal
7. Magenta 37*C leuco thermochromic with 25*C liquid crystal
8. Purple with 25*C + 35*C liquid crystal
9. Purple with 25*C + 35*C liquid crystal
10. Blue with 25*C liquid crystal
11. Green with 25*C liquid crystal
12. Dark green with 25*C liquid crystal


Behind the colour wheel is a small heat-sink circuit to activate the colour change.

The heat-sink is applied to fabric using sticky back copper tape and has an SMD resistor soldered between the two copper pads.

Materials: Liquid crystal thermochromic, leuco thermochromic pigment, textile pigment, screen-printed linen, copper, resistor.

Techniques: Screen printing, hand construction, soldering.

Dimensions: 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm

Link(s): https://thepopupworkshop.wordpress.com/2015/07/17/chromic-colour-wheel/

Liquid Crystal Colour Wheel

Liquid Crystal Colours

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