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Title: Soft Circuitry Kit

Credits: Tincuta Heinzel

Year of Invention: 2016

Description: The Soft Circuitry kit is conceived to fill the gap between the already existing boards (Lilypad, Arduino mini, Photon, etc.) and the input components of the circuits. It aims to help workshop trainers in their teaching and designers in fast prototyping. For the swatch-book I will present a capacitive sensors circuit, a force sensing circuit and a matrix sensing circuit. The kit was developed in the frame of Internet of Soft Things project at Nottingham Trent University, UK.

Materials: Conductive thread, snaps, resistors.

Techniques: Embroidery, sewing, soldering.

References/Inspirations: Arduino LilyPad, Little Bits and Circuit Sticker Sketchbook, as well as a Kits-of-no-parts set.

Dimensions (in cm): 10 cm x 20 cm.

Link(s): http://aninternetofsoftthings.com.

Photo (of sample swatch): –

Circuit Diagram (where applicable):



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