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kombucha metal filamentkombucha copper filament

Title: Conductive Kombucha

Credits: Giulia Tomasello

Year of Invention: 2015 – 2016


Dried samples of different conductive kombucha from a project that I started last year called ‘Bio Conductive Skin’ – the project explores the possibilities of creating biomaterials and proposes alternative applications to our current electronic components. These components should feel part of nature and behave just like us. By exploring the notion of a technological second skin, I aim to design biocompatible devices that mimic the symbiotic relationship we have with other microorganisms that we cannot live without. An alternative to our current technological interfaces and to blur the boundaries between what is human and what is technology.

Materials: kombucha mother, apple vinegar, sugar, green tea, conductive filaments, conductive powders, conductive ink

Techniques: brewing and farming

References/Inspirations : http://vimeo.com/151204213

Dimensions (in cm): 10*10 (petri dish size)

Link(s): http://cargocollective.com/gi

Circuit Diagram:




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