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Disco Dish by Hannah

Credits: Lynsey Calder, Sara Robertson

Year of Invention: 2014

We will create a collection of lenticular inspired photochromic sequins, which can be activated by the integrated UV SMD LED or by natural sunlight.
Using a variety of techniques, such as, spray coating, screen-printing, sublimation printing and textile lamination we will create photochromic (red/magenta/purple) sequins. Through the combination of these techniques we will create novel embellishments for apparel, which will respond to UV light becoming colourful and also create an animated moiré like pattern through movement and visual disturbance.


Dimensions: 5.5×5.5×1.2cm

The swatch has been inspired through the continuing practice of Sara Robertson and Lynsey Calder both exploring through making the use of smart materials within their work. External influences can be attributed to the work of Takahiro Kurashima, namely ‘Poemotion’ and Bridget Riley’s monochrome and colourful optical patterns that appear to animate as they are observed.

Photosequins 1

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