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swatchTest_I_Anja_2016 swatchTest_II_Anja_2016
Title: double layer tulle
Credits: Anja Hertenberger
Year of Invention: 2016
Description: 2 layers of embroidery with conductive yarn and simple sewing yarn on Tulle. ith a isolation Partly covert with a layer of silicon. It can be used as a stretchable button in an electronic circuit.
Materials: Tulle, conductive yarn [Karl Grimm: High Flex 3981, 7×1, Kupfer blank], yarn, silicon [Ecoflex 00-20]
Techniques: sewing, soldering, silicon
References/Inspirations: swatchsample Anja Hertenberger 2015
Dimensions (in cm): 10 x 7 cm
Link(s): www.anjahertenberger.net



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  1. Rachel on June 1st, 2016

    i love this!

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