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Start your own swatch exchange!
Indesign template and Illustrator logo >> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9JnxpXitWKSWlJ2NXNoNC1xc2s/view

2017 Swatchbook

A5 PDF pages >> SwatchBookExchange_2017_printPDF_A5pages.pdf
A3 PRINT pages >>

2016 Swatchbook

…coming… at some point…

2015 Swatchbook

spreads pages >> SwatchBookExchange2015_PDF_spreads

single pages >> SwatchBookExchange2015_PDF_pages

2014 Swatchbook

spreads pages >> SwatchBookExchange2014_PDF_DS
single pages >> SwatchBookExchange2014_PDF_SS

2013 Swatchbook Exchange: ArcInTex Submission

Print quality PDF of Abstract >> 2013-SwatchExchange-forArcInTex (15MB)

2013 Swatchbook Exchange: ISWC Submission

Print quality PDF >> 2013SwatchbookExchange-for-ISWC_print (49MB)
Print quality PDF (old version) >> 2013SwatchbookExchange-for-ISWC_print (25MB)

2013 Swatchbook

single pages (print quality) >> SwatchBookExchange2013_print_SS
single pages (smaller file) >> SwatchBookExchange2013_sm_SS

spreads (print quality) >> SwatchBookExchange2013_print_DS
spreads (smaller file) >> SwatchBookExchange2013_sm_DS