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I thought it would be useful to have an insight into some of the ideas that people working with e-textiles are exploring. This reader is made up of extracts, thoughts, contexts, ideas, and future imaginings from people at the e-textile summer camp 2019. You can down load the PDF and bind your own (see diagram for simple binding technique, but staples are also good if you are short for time).

The publication can be read in a number of ways. I have been inspired by the “Parasitic Reading Room” led by Teresa Dillon (2018-19), which is a way to read in an improvisational way in a group. Print a copy of the reader for everyone in the group (download the PDF of this one form the URL or source a new reader with the group), and let people know that we will collectively read, and that the floor is open to anyone to read a text that speak to them. This takes about 20-30mins. Be patient and allow for the reading to occur.

Download a copy of the reader here: https://tinyurl.com/e-textile-reader-A4

Binding suggestion for an A5 booklet:

Pamphlet stitch:


(based onĀ  pattern by Jacob Degeling)

Large staples:

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 18.08.56

Elastic bands:


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