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Credits: Claire Williams

Year of Invention: 2014

Description: This is a knitted antenna that can be connected to an amplifier or a sound recording device with speakers or headphones. It will reveal the electromagnetic frequency’s surrounding you that come from electronic appliances, motors, neons lights, am radio waves etc… It can  range from frequencies of 3Ghz to 3Khz depending on the size and number of rows/stitches. This textile will take you throughout a walk to experience an unexpected sound environment. This sample is extracted from a artistic research project of knitted antennas.

Materials: Enamelled copper wire, cotton

Em amplifier material : LM386, 220 uf capacitor, Female mono jack 3.5mm (head phones), logarithmic potentiometer 2k, 9 volt battery.

Techniques: Double face, circular knitting on a kh 930 brother knitting machine. Schematic of a small amplifier that will boost up the sound.

References/Inspirations: http://apo33.org/electropix4/?p=265

Dimensions: 3 x 8 cm


Demo of the antenna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0PXEAQTV_E






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