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by Irene Posch and Hannah Perner-Wilson

A wearable tool for visualizing electrical resistance.

A quick way to visualize contact (continuity) in a digital sensor or conductive material, or change in resistance in an analog sensor or resistive material.

As a newcomer to the wold of electronics, how difficult it can be to grasp the idea of electrical resistance wehen electricity is something we can not see? As an e-textile practitioner, how many times a day to you measure resistance?

The eTextiles Tester Bracelet allows for easy continuity testing. Build a simple circuit with an LED, a coin-cell battery pouch and interrupt the full circuit connection by inserting two metal snaps. When the snaps connect, the circuit is complete and the LED light will shine. When you probe a resistive materials or a textile sensor between the snaps, the LED brightness will depend on the resistance of the sensor. The bracelet can be worn around the arm – alway ready when looking for new conductive materials.




          • felt



        • conductive thread



        • coin cell



        • conductive fabric



        • LED



        • Snaps




  • Needle
  • Scissors




>> https://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=7610

>> http://etextile-summercamp.org/swatch-exchange/etextiles-tester/

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