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Credits: Irene Posch

Year of Invention: 2014/2015

Description: This prototype of an eTextiles Tester tool allows for easy continuity testing and applying of 3V to textile electronic artefacts. Unlike the common use of crocodile clips, the needle pin probes of this tool are gentle and precise to connect to the textile material.
The mode can be switched between applying 3V or testing continuity. If there is a connection between the two probes and LED light indicates that. It is also small enough to be carried around when on the search for new materials.

Materials: needle pins, LED, 3D print, felt, braided rope, conductive yarn

References/Inspirations: Connected Research: Kobakant and Stitching Worlds. http://toolswewant.at

Dimensions: app. 1m long

Link: www.stitchingworlds.net, http://toolswewant.at


Circuit Diagram:

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