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IMG_5726 Kopie

Credits: Svenja Keune

Year of Invention: 2016

Description: To raise the awareness for nature and to empower and motivate people towards a symbiotic living with nature on the scale of the interior, I want to develop adaptive and responsive surfaces through natural materials, processes and poetic forms of interaction. I want to challenge the observer’s perception towards textiles on a daily basis. Through living and interacting with surfaces and objects that can sense and adapt, respond, change shape, grow, being harvested and used as material for producing every day objects or furnitures, a habit of caring / maintenance is designed and implemented into the everyday life.

My swatch can be activated by watering or heat application. It is biodegradable and can be eaten or planted.

Materials: weave with corn–seeds

Techniques: weaving

Dimensions (in cm): 5×5



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