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Title: Hand Woven Waffle Fabric Sensor
Credits: Mika Satomi

Year of Invention: 2012

This was first developed as a part of “Involving The Machine” collection conductive textiles. It is a waffle weave pattern textile made with resistive yarn as weft threads and mercerised cotton yarn as warp threads. As the waffle construction keeps the 3D structure of the textile, it works as a resistive sensor sensitive to pressure, bend and other kinds of manipulation on the textile surfaces.
The textile was woven on the 8 shaft dobby table loom, with warp count 12/cm.

The original “Involving The Machine” collection sample was woven with industrial weaving machine. For the swatch exchange, it was woven on a hand loom with thicker yarn resulting the textile to be less dense in its structure.

Plug and Wear Conductive Yarn Nm10/3 (weft) Polyester 80% Stainless steel 20%
Mercerised cotton (warp) Nm32/2


8 Shaft table hand loom

Warp Setting
12 thread/cm

Dimensions (in cm):
10 x 9


Photo (of sample swatch):

Weaving Construction:

Photos from the making of the sample

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  1. KOBAKANT on July 16th, 2015

    […] Waffle binding makes the textile in 3 dimensional structure. We used this binding with resistive yarn (Bekinox 50/2). The outcome fabric reacts to pressure and stretch making a very interesting tactile sensor. See also >> http://etextile-summercamp.org/swatch-exchange/hand-woven-waffle-sensor/ […]

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