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Credits: Celine Marcq

Year of Invention: 2010-2011

Inconspicuous Matter is a low tech proposition for a electro-reactive paper/textile based material which could be able to display information when programmed accordingly. This material is made of different layers : an inner layer of non woven material, a middle one integrating a heating circuit, and a last one with thermochromic material able to change colour when heated. When the current goes through the middle layer, it heats the thermochromic layer to the point it change colour dramatically.

Link: http://www.celinemarcq.com/?page_id=60

Dimensions: max 10*7 cm

‘chromosonic’ by Judit Eszter Karpati
Pulp based computing, marcelo Coehlo

Positive Flow Research group
STATIC! project, by the interactive institute eskilstuna

…..and less serious reference : colour change rings from my childhood! I always though is way really magical till now…..!



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