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Credits: Kristi Kuusk, Unit040, johan van den acker textielfabriek, studio toer
Year: 2012
Link: http://www.kristikuusk.com/?p=601
Materials: Cotton or Polyester, iPad
Techniques: weaving, software development
Dimensions: 12×15

Description: “Bedtime Stories is a project developed further from earlier work called QR-coded Traditions. It consists of a set of bed sheets that have images woven into the fabric for children. The images are recognized by software and create interaction possibilities between digital and physical worlds, generations, past and future.
It is a way to put the kid into the story creation to actually experience the fairy-tale. Personal values get transferred together with the cultural meanings.

The prototype consists of a pillowcase and a blanket made from a durable textile that is designed and woven in the Netherlands and an accompanying i-pad to see the augmented reality hidden behind the layer of technology. The technology makes use of image recognition algorithms which make it possible to recognize certain patterns in the textile and images. When moving over the pattern with the camera of the iPad it is recognized and connected to certain objects in the story which are visualized in an augmented layer.

Bedtime Stories is offering a new way to translate fairy-tale knowledge into people’s personal experiences and pass that wisdom through generations. It is part of a research-through-design project that involves crafting methods and values in the environmentally damaging textiles and garments production, selling, wearing and disposing area. We have been “”weaving”” traditions together with digital technologies in order to make them longer lasting for a (environmentally, economically and societal) sustainable direction.”

The woven sample will function only together with a link or video explaining about the concept, since the image is only scannable by a specific software.

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