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LED Collection by Svenja

Credits: Svenja Keune

Within my work I focus on how to cover, how to integrate electronics into surfaces or installations. As I did a residence at the Porcelain factory Kahla just one week ago: So my swatches will concentrate on porcelain. They will contain a collection of LED´s that you can test with a 3V coin cell. The porcelain beads have certain effects on the LED´s and you can feel the difference between glazed and unglazed, different shapes and surfaces. I will also provide some earlier works with heatshrink.

Year of Invention: 2010–2015

Description: LED´s integrated and modified with different materials

Materials: Porcelain, Heatshrink, LED´s

Techniques: Modeling

References/Inspirations (where applicable):

Dimensions (in cm)


Photo (of sample swatch):


Circuit Diagram (where applicable):

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