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Credits: Sarah Taylor
Year: 2012
References: Concept initiated by design developments during an Arts & Humanities (AHRC) Research Leave Award, 2007 and exhibit commission piece, Inner Light: programmable, light-emitting woven paper commissioned by the National Museum of Scotland for The Cutting Edge Scotland’s Contemporary Crafts
Materials: Polymer optical fibre; paper yarn; adhesive, paper-based non-woven; white or RGB LED; battery or electrical source.
Techniques: Aligning fibre and yarn using warping stakes; laser etching; coupling optical fibres to a light source.
Dimensions: material: 7x2x0.2cm total: 13x2x0.2cm

Description: The light-emitting paper was developed during a con-TEXT designer-maker residency at Heriot-Watt University, funded by the Creative Art Business Network (CABN) Scotland. The material was being developed for a digital (bulbless) lighting prototype in collaboration with Danish designer, Tom Rossau. It is also part of on-going design work exploiting optical fibre technology within aesthetically-focussed, light-emitting textiles.

Supporting Materials:
S Taylor phase 1 b

S Taylor lit in darkened environment b

S Taylor phase 2 b

S Taylor Back unlit b

S Taylor diagram

S Taylor Front lit in darken environment b

S Taylor Front lit in daylight b

S Taylor Front unlit b

S Taylor process

S Taylor unlit b

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