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Title: Light patterns
Credits: Audrey Briot
Year of Invention: 2015-2016


This woven textile is a way to add light patterns into fabric using optical fibers.

It is divided into three parts : 

  • the right side is a two layers satin: the layer below is composed of a bus of conductive threads ( in the warp)  which supply a Lulu, an e-textile PCB for optical fibers light injection created by Maurin Donneaud (c.f Maurin’s Swatch ), a bunch of optical fibers is crimped and glued into a brass tube to the Lulu, the top layer hide the light injection system.
  • the middle part comprises the light patterns : the optical fibers arrive from the right side and are weaved to create a repetitive pattern. This way to create a pattern in weaving is called in French ” décor par trame” and could be litterally translate as “decoration in the weft “. This method is based on a canvas with an alternation each line with a thread bigger ( here a optic fiber): this one will hide the canvas and create a pattern.



an exemple of this method in a 24 shafts loom.

  • the left side is a two layers satin closed on its outer side. The optic fibers from the patterns will be hidden inside this pocket. Optic fibers can be compared to a hose, the end let bring out the light, to counter this I close the fibers with black resin and I paint it in white.

When the weaving is completed, the optic fibers must be sanded to diffuse the light. The sandblasting is made with silica sand sent with a pistol and a compressor. This step is dangerous and had to be realised with protections.

Materials : Lulu, optical fibers, brass tube, resins, same threads for the weft and the warp, polyester inox not rewinded.
Techniques : Weaving, soldering, crimping and  sandblasting.
References/Inspirations : Maurin Donneaud and Alice Heit weaves ( http://maurin.donneaud.free.fr/?-Lucette- ).
Dimensions (in cm): 16x8cm
Link(s) : http://wiki.datapaulette.org/doku.php/atelier/documentation/materiautheque/procedes_techniques/actionneurs_textiles/fibres_optiques



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