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Credits: Isabel Cabral, A. P. Souto and Linda Worbin 


Year of Invention: 2015



When light passes through a translucent substrate, it can be partially transmitted, resulting in transmittance and depending on the proportion absorbed.

This swatch is part of ongoing research that explores expression possibilities of light transmittance patterns.

The study addresses textile morphologies based on origami tessellation techniques that design structures with different number of layers. These layers unevenly transform the fraction of light that goes through them.

Combining the textile origami with 1 LED and reflective foil, different expressions are attained in regards to placement and direction of the light source, as well as space between the background reflective surface and the foreground textile structure.

The developed swatch combines side and diffuse lighting. Through the layer area and edge luminance, a subtle pattern of geometric figures and lines is revealed.


Materials: 50% CO and PES fabric, reflector foil, LED, conductive thread.


Techniques: Folding, cutting and sewing.


Dimensions: 11 x 11 cm



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