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Credits: Aniela Hoitink

Year of Invention: 2013

Description: An applique made of magnetic rubber to which a pattern of iron-rubber is sticked on to. The applique is inspired by a broken glass pattern and the rubber is an enlarged water cristal.

Materials: Textile (not too thin), magnetic rubber, dremel, old scissors, needle and yarn for the textile & iron powder, liquid latex, corn starch, plastic to make pattern on for the magnetic print.

References: Jennifer Leary, she taught me how (during a workshop)

Dimensions: aprox. 14 x 17 cm


Sample swatch:
Magnetic textile

Making process:
1 sketch 2 sketch on magnet

First design a pattern you want to use, it can be really grafic or something more freehand – like this – and draw it on the backside of your magnetic rubber.

3 cut magnet with old scissor4 make holes

Then cut it in pieces and drill a hole in every corner (or what you like) with a dremel – from the backside (non magnetic side).

5 lay on fabric 6 glue to fabric

Lay out all the pieces in the correct pattern (with the magnetic side up) and glue them onto the fabric.

7 stitch to fabric magnetic workshop - 43

Sew all the pieces tight onto the fabric. Mix iron powder with liquid latex and draw a nice pattern on a plastic layer.

9 zonder poeder is fout Magnetic textile

When dry, use corn starch to rub it off, otherwise you will get a sticky thing (like in the picture).
Then put your pattern onto the magnetic textile.

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