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Credits: Lara Grant
Year of Invention: 2015

This swatch is a the end result of an how-to kit that creates a simple oscillator using a CD40106 IC. Through instructional prints on the fabric, the student is instructed on how to construct a X and Y matrix using conductive yarn with a template sandwiched in between. The template allows the intersecting columns and rows to make contact through pressure, creating a matrix of different resistances that translate to different frequencies. The student will learn where to place the battery snap, IC board, capacitor, 1/8″ jack and where to start and end each yarn row and column.


(1) x Copper clad kapton breakout

(1) x 40106 IC

(1) x  .1 capacitor

(1) x 9 volt battery clip

(1) x 1/8″ mono jack

(small bundle) conductive yarn

(swatch) neutral substrate



etching flex board, instructional design, sewing


Dimensions (in cm):

110 x 110 mm


Article of piece using a similar, but more complicated circuit: http://www.lara-grant.com/#!felt-mini-synth/c17o3

Soon to come Instructable : http://www.instructables.com/id/E-Textile-Mini-Oscillator/


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