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Credits: Claire Williams & Wendy Van Wynsberghe

Year of Invention: 2013-2014. This project comes from the Disaster Dinner project, an interactive knitted tablecloth
The machine knitted jacquard patterns become a textile keyboard which can interact with all sorts of software that accepts keyboard inputs. Connected with a MaKeyMaKey the knitted pattern becomes a  way of experimenting with sound, videos, games etc….
The 3 patterns are x2 outputs and x1 ground. The left hand has to touch the pattern connected to the ground and with the right hand you can touch either of the patterns connected to the output of your MaKeyMaKey board.
To programme the pattern keyboard you can use  a Python script or Scratch for example.

To test the pattern keyboard and make it create a sound when a pattern is touched you can upload a script at:
Material:  Acrylic & conductive yarn
Sources:www.makeymakey.comKnitted with a hacked Brother kh 940 knitting machine with KnittingtonMaze generated from http://www.billsgames.com/mazegenerator/



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