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Pin Probe by Irene

A probe to make good contact with textile without harming it.

The Pin Probe is probe to electrically connect (to) conductive fabric or thread. The probe consists of a pin to make temporary but firm contact with textile materials without harming them. A soft and flexible textile cable then connects the probe at the other side also to a pin – or can connect to any other suitable plug, like a banana plug to connect to a multimeter, or a clip probe, among others.

This swatch shows how to add a pin to a textile cord to make a Pin Probe.



  • paracord (or an other flexible cord that lets you puush through a thread in the middle)
  • conductive thread (I am using a 7×5 cement covered copper thread from Karl Grimm. if you have a thinner or less conductive material bread it together or use several strands to increase the conductivity. you can also use a flexible cable)
  • 3D printed handle (Shapelock could also be used to form a handle if no 3D printer is available)
  • pin



  • scissors, blunt needle, glue gun,
  • 3D printer if you want to print the handle, .stl file


pull out the inner nylon cord of the paracord


thread a (blunt) needle with the conductive thread (or cable) and push it through lengthwise through the paracord until it comes out at the other end. when pushed through, remove the needle and make a knot.


push the pin through the knot. place the needle in the bottom part of the handle (the bigger part): push the pin through the small opening and pull it until the knot-pin connection sits well in the middle. you can fix it with a small drop of glue.


Snap the top part of the holder onto the bottom part. the pin probe is finished!


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