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Credits: Pauline Vierne (textile designer), GUIGOU (knitting factory), Creafibres (Resistive thread maker)
Year: 2013
Materials: Resistive thread Рmade of 20% inox and 80% Polyster Рfrom Cr̩afibres and Viscose thread 100%, Knitted by Guigou on circular knitting machine.
Techniques: spinning, knitting
Dimensions: about 10 x 10 x 0,1

Description: This resistive knitting shows two different sides : one with the resistive thread, another with viscose. (half of the samples I give for the exchange will be knitted with a grey polyester thread 100% instead of viscose thread, this is the same work, but the Polyester fabric should be for “stronger” applications, like for house textile, seat… and not only clothes)
When stretched the resistive thread lets electric voltage pass on the fabric because electrical resistance is down.
Such fabric can be used to detect a presence – we can imagine a seat that light a room when you sit in for example… It could also be used for clothes, to measure breathing, running rythm or many other things…

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