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Second Skin by Rachel


Title: second skin
Credits: Rachel Freire
Year of Invention: 2016

conductive materials bonded into super fine micro knits can bridge gaps where cables would be impossible, allowing for stretch and movement. this swatch is part of a project to create a prototyping suit for aerial performers using bonding techniques to create low profile circuitry which can connect electronic elements of a costume. the technique takes full advantage of the properties of the materials to make them as robust and functional as possible and any hard electronic elements are added after the garment is made, implanted in a way which mimic subdermal implants, allowing for simple ‘surgery’ to replace damaged parts.
Materials: Eurojersey Touch fabric, Bemis 3415 fusing, conductive thread, lillypad/sewable LED
Techniques: bonding, sewing
References/Inspirations : MIG high altitude pressure suits
Dimensions (in cm): 10x10cm
Link(s): textile design and toiling http://www.rachelfreire.com/second-skin/ Password: lazerbuttplug

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