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Dear summercamp participants!
We are happy to announce the 4th edition of the E-Textile Summercamp Swatchbook!
The E-Textile Summercamp Swatchbook is the physical collction of contemporary e-textile projects and applications, multiplied and shared in a book for each participant of the exchange. Once a year at the E-Textile Summercamp we not only share knowledge and fun but also physical samples of our work. Submissions to the Swatchbook Exchange are limited to present attendees of the E-Textile Summercamp (and only one swatch per person). So if you want to participate you must be attending the Summercamp 2016.


The only guidelines defining what a swatch can or should be, is that it relates to the field of Electronic Textiles. We ask that you put thought and effort into conceiving, designing and producing the swatches you submit for this exchange! As physical work samples, these swatches are representations of our individual and collaborative abilities to research, craft, document and share quality work within our field.

Swatches should be able to mount on an A5 (210 x 148 mm) area and ideally be no thicker than 5mm. Depending on how many submissions are received, a selection may be made in order to keep the number of total samples at a manageable amount. In the past we have had a maximum of 24 submissions, meaning each participant produced these many copies of their swatch. For examples of these swatches, please visit the past documentation for 2013, 2014 and 2015.


To cover the costs of printing and binding, each participant will pay a portion of the costs, which will be around 15 Euros. Costs for producing the individual swatches are carried by participants.


To submit a sample for the 2016 Swatchbook Exchange go to the login page of the Swatch Exchange WordPress site. If this is your first Swatch Exchange, please register for a new account. If you have participated in past exchanges, you should be able to login with your name and password. If you have any problems logging in and creating a post, please email us.

Add your submission post to the “Swatches >> 2016” category!

Your submission post must include:
Year of Invention:
References/Inspirations (where applicable):
Dimensions (in cm):
Photo (of sample swatch):
Circuit Diagram (where applicable):

Important 2016 Dates:

May 30th final day of submission! (no late proposal allowed!)

— about 6 weeks time to produce swatches! —

June 13th: deadline for submitting final swatch/texts details for print.
July 20th: before coming to Summercamp, upload a photo of your final swatch design to the website.
July 22nd: hand over your swatches on the first day of summercamp.


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