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We are happy to announce the E-Textile Summercamp Swatchbook 2017 which will be the 5th edition!

The Swatch Exchange is a platform for sharing physical samples of our work in the field of electronic textiles and takes place during the E-Textile Summercamp.

* * * NEW in 2017 * * *

This year’s swatch exchange requires submitted swatches to reference previous swatchbook entries that make use of similar materials/techniques/concepts and to provide step-by-step instructions so that somebody else could reproduce your swatch. While this information was requested in the past, it was not always taken so seriously. The reason for putting emphasis on these aspects by making them requirements is to underline the swatchbook’s purpose as a resource of knowledge and inspiration. With 4 full swatchbooks containing a total of 94 swatches, this has become a great reference resource for teaching and tracing lines of inspiration. But without cross-referencing each other and providing enough detail, some of this potential gets lost.

Provide step-by-step instructions

Imagine you are using the swatches as a resource for teaching and want students to copy swatches in order to learn the techniques and understand the functions of the different materials used. Your swatch documentation should provide these students with all the information they need. What materials are used, why were these materials used, where to get these materials from, a video teaching the technique (it does not have to be your video, but you should select a good one), templates for cutting out the materials…

Reference previous swatchbook entries

What were your inspirations, what other swatches make use of the same or different concepts, materials, techniques? This requirement should not prohibit any swatch from being entered, only push you to look for ways in which your work relates to previous swatches. Like in academic publishing, you reference related work to position your own contribution.

As every year, we ask that you put thought and effort into conceiving, designing and producing your swatches. As samples of your work, these swatches are representations of your ability to research, craft, document and share quality work within the field.


If we receive more than 25 submissions there will be a selection process. Make sure to submit all the required documentation for your swatch for it to be accepted to this process.

Conditions for participating in the 2017 Swatch Exchange:

– you must be attending this year’s summercamp.
– each person may only enter one swatch.
– the swatch must be related to the practice of electronic textiles.
– your proposed swatch must be something you have prototyped and tested so that you can provide all the required submission details (you have 1 month time for this!).
– your swatch must reference at least one (ideally many!) swatch(es) from previous years.
– your swatch must be able to mount on the DIN A5 (210 x 148 mm) pages provided.
– your swatch may be no thicker than 5mm (because thicker swatches damage the form of the swatchbook and other people’s swatches).
– your swatch must be able to mount securely (because swatches that don’t stay mounted in the swatchbook fall out and fall apart).
– you are committing to provide detailed step-by-step documentation on the website for somebody else to reproduce your swatch. this documentation is due before you arrive at summercamp!

Dates and Deadlines

April 1st – May 1st (1 month): submission period for submitting your detailed swatch proposal.

May 2nd: selection and final number of swatches for the 2017 swatchbook announced. Possible Jury process may delay this a few days.

May 3rd – July 13th (12 weeks): production period for producing all your swatches and the detailed step-by-step documentation.

June 19th: deadline for submitting final details for print.

July 13th: deadline for finishing all of your swatches and publishing detailed step-by-step instructions. We want absolutely nobody working on their swatches during the camp! You must hand over your swatches on the first day of Summercamp.


Login or create account

To submit a sample for the 2017 Swatchbook Exchange go to the login page of the Swatch Exchange WordPress site. If this is your first Swatch Exchange, please register for a new account. If you have participated in past exchanges, you should be able to login with your name and password. If you have forgotten your login or password, please use the “forgot login” and/or “forgot password” options. If you have any questions, please use the comments section at the bottom of this page, or email me: hannah@plusea.at


Create a new post and add it to both the “Swatches” and “2017” categories.


Your submission post must include:
Year of Invention:
References/Inspirations (please include links!):
Dimensions (in cm):
Photo (of sample swatch):
Patterns, Templates, Schematics, Circuit Diagrams (where applicable):


The above information can and must be updated as you move forward with the production of your design. By the deadline for print submission, your swatch post must also reflect the final state of your swatch.

Step-by-Step Documentation

Before you arrive at Summercamp your online post must include detailed step-by-step documentation of how to reproduce your swatch. If these details are not online, your swatches will have to wait until next year. Sorry!

Open Hardware

It is not explicitly stated that all the designs on the site are published as Open (Source) Hardware, but it is kind of implied. If you do not want to release your work under this definition, please state so explicitly at the bottom of your swatch documentation page.


To cover the costs of printing and binding, each participant will pay a portion of the total cost, which will be around 15 Euros. Details on when and how to pay this cost will be announced later. Costs for producing the individual swatches are carried by participants.


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