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Switch in loops by Pauline


Credits: Pauline Vierne

Year of Invention: 2015

Description: For this swatch sample I use a knitting technique which aims to provide a “fur effect” by creating loops on one side. This time, instead of covering the whole surface with loops, the loops divided into two groups. Because of conductive yarn within these two parts, the pattern becomes a switch when we stroke the surface.

This project is still in development, I am still trying different ways to make the loops and the pattern.

Materials: Cotton and Mohair knitting yarns, Statex Shieldex

Techniques: Knitted on a double bed Brother KH 910

References/Inspirations: the idea of a “hairy” textile sensor was inspired by Plusea´s Tufted Stroke Sensor

Dimensions (in cm): about 12 x 6 x 2 cm

Photo (of sample swatch)





Circuit Diagram
diagram stroke knit

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