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Credits: Lynsey Calder
Year: 2012
References: Dr Sara Robertson – Transitional stripes (heat sinks)
Links: link to come
Materials: Silk Twill fabric, Thermochromic pigment, Fluorescent pigment, Textile binder, Foil glue, Textile foil, Copper tape, 150Ω surface mount resistor, Solder, Multithreaded core copper insulated wire, power supply (not included)
Techniques: Screen printing; Foiling, Soldering
Dimensions: 5x5x0.5

Description: This prototype is part of a bigger project named ‘Smart Costumes’. By bringing together several textile processes with surface mount electronics and Arduino I have developed a costume which can change colour in different sequences using a simple Arduino blink sketch. This sample shows one printed element of the overall design and how it can change from one thermochromic colour to a fluorescent colour which will glow under blacklight when the heat sink on the back side of the fabric has an electric current running through it.

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