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Credits: Ricardo O’Nascimento, Kasia Molga & Erik Overmeire (ELECTRONUDES)

Year of invention: 2017

This latex changes color when exposed to temperatures above 34 degrees going from a colorful mixture to a beige natural latex look. It can be used in combination with the heating circuit (link) to create drawings, patterns, and even animations.
Step by Step Instructions:
The thermochromic latex is made by mixing liquid latex and thermochromic ink ( it also works if you mix thermochromic powder).

  1. Mix the thermochromic ink with the latex. Do it slowly to avoid bubbles.latex3latex
  2. After you have the correct color you should pour the liquid on top of a clean and smooth surface ( i used an acrylic sheet) and wait until it dries ( better if you wait overnight).latex2
  3. After the latex is cured it maintains the properties of latex but now with thermochromic features.
    Caution: make this experiment in a ventilated space and consider to use a mask.

    Swatch book 2016
    Metamerism by Celine Marcq
    Metamorphic color by Sasha de Koninck Swatch book 2015
    Chromic Colour wheel by Sara Robertson Dynamic Print by Celine Marcq
    Swatch book 2014
    Changing Patterns by Aniela Hoitink (NEFFA)
    Inconspicuous Matter by Celine Marcq Woven pixel by Anne-Marie Lavigne

This material was developed to be used on the piece “coral love stories: Chapter 01. Getting acquaintance” from Kasia Molga and Electronudes. As an electrodes member, I gave technical and material support for the wearable tech part of this project.
More info about the piece: https://vimeo.com/211299558


a piece of latex on the natural temperature around 23 degrees Celsius.


a piece of latex around 37 degrees Celsius.

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