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Title: Transient Conductivity

Credits: Giulia Tomasello

Year of Invention: 2014 – 2015

Description: Making yeast base and hacking his process of growth with graphite, in order to play with conductive self-generation.

With this project I aim to discuss the future of conductivity.

Including mindful design approaches for sustainable e-textiles and diving into how technology will change the industry and at the same time benefit the planet, I want to create a smart material that it’s conductive and biodegradable.

II approach : develop a new battery or way to store energy that it’s biodegradable following cycling, reversibility, compatibility for smart textiles applications; high efficiencies for energy recovery.

Taking inspiration from Biocouture project of Suzanna Lee, I want to apply the same methodology of growing biodegradable materials that can behave as second skin plus being conductive for wearable tech applications.

Materials: graphite, carbon powder, conductive ink, flour, yogurt, paper fiber, water

Techniques: sourdough starter


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Link: www.cargocollective.com/gi/TRANSIENT-CONDUCTIVITY


conductive yeast test

conductive yeast

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