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Waves fabric by Maurin

Credits: Maurin Donneaud

This sample is esthetic research revolving around the idea of a textile monitor/screen. Each one of its fibers have the ability to appear and dissappear to create an animation. Adapting its original decorative function, the structure of this textile is suited to carry metallic threads in its weft. These threads are completely isolated from one another. Because this textile contains a lot of conductive fibers, it can obtain a very fine resolution. The electric principle is based on a simple short circuit that lasts for just a moment to heat up one thread which in turn activates the thermochromic pigment in the textile. A conductive thread is sewn on the selfedge to connect every one of the fibres to one pole of the electricity source. The second pole is made by à single thread that you should move on to the fabric to cause short circuits that animate the fabric. This sample represent a source of inspiration for future projects.

conductive fabric from Moline shop (Marché St Pierre, Paris), red termocromic ink from sparkfun (47°) , conductive thread from Carlgrim

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