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Weaved Matrix by Hannah

Credits : Maurin Donneaud

Year of Invention : 2015

This swatch is the weaved version of a series of experiments based on e-textile matrix sensors research. This matrix have been prototyping by rows and columns conductive fabric fused on top of regular cotton fabric. On this sample version the idea was to make a more advanced material that can be used to produce different size and shapes of matrix sensors. This sample is one of the two layers of the matrix. In between those two layers I use a piezoresistive fabric to allow pressure sensing. The fabric structure is made to optimise the surface of the conductive lignes made out of conductives yarns. The resolution of the matrix is limited by the analog input lines of the microcontroller but the size of sensors pixels can be adjusted to fit the use of the matrix.

Materials :
Polyester yarns (warp – weft)
Shieldex yarns from Statex 117/17/ Z-turns HC+B (weft)

Techniques :
Hand loom four shaft
Woven fabric structure : satin/sateen

References/Inspirations :
Past experiments

Dimensions :
10/10 cm

Link :



JPEG - 88.6 ko

Circuit Diagram:


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