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Woven pixel by Hannah

Credits: Anne-Marie Lavigne

Year of Invention: 2014

The woven pixel is part of a project called Woven Signals which aims to combine new technologies with traditional processes to create functional fibers and integrated interactive textiles – in this case, a woven display. Woven Signals is inspired by the mutually influential relationship between textiles and communications, and aims to investigate a fiber’s ability to transmit information and emotion through visual and tactile interaction.

The woven pixel is a double-woven patch with a 2.5cm x 2.5cm square in the center. This square contains thread dyed with thermochromic ink and interwoven with conductive wire. When a current passes through the conductive wire, the heat generated triggers the value of the treated wool to change from grey to clear.

To test the woven pixel, connect it to an external power supply and run between 300mA and 400mA of current at ~1.5Volts. It takes ~30 seconds for the pixel value to change from grey to clear. For more information on double weave and for the circuit, visit http://emeteuz.com/Woven-Signals .

Materials: wool, cotton yarn, conductive wire, thermochromic ink

Techniques: dyeing, spinning, double weave

Link: http://emeteuz.com/Woven-Signals

Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm

Inspirations/References: Involving the Machine by Kobakant


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